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JVC has just unveiled the JVC DLA-X3 Home Theater Projector recently as its name suggests this system is equipped for 3D projection and is one of the few Full HD 1080p 3D-capable projectors in the consumer market today. The projector is a totally new design by JVC and features a new chassis that has a centrally-mounted lens and a 220 watts lamp. 

The DLA-X3 Home Theater Projector uses an improved optical engine featuring a remodeled wire grid polarizer. The new system is successful in getting rid of quite a number of the motion issues that plagued JVC’s previous designs. With the new system in place the contrast is also upgraded to a rated 50,000:1 even sans the use of any dynamic iris system. This is necessary for projection in full HD or 3D. The DLA-X3 also has a useful manual iris which can be utilized for balancing light output with the contrast. This allows the user to fully utilize this projector system regardless of differences in room environments.


Setting up the Vivitek H9080FD
Setting up the DLA-X3 Home Theater Projector is fairly simple as with the previous line of D-ILA projectors. The DLA-X3 is basically ready to go out of the box, most of the default settings are already set near to their ideal placement, thus very few changes are necessary. So after simply plugging in the correct cables you’re all set to start watching movies.


The inputs for this system are all on the back panel of the unit. There are two HDMI inputs, one component video input, and one RS-232 input used for remote control systems. Also on the back panel are controls for navigating the menu system and power-cycling of the projector. That said the system is rather heftier than most other JVC projectors which is in line with the increase in functions and resolution. The added weight and girth are not a drawback though as the difference is size is negligible and the weight helps to stabilize the projector especially for outdoor settings. Although the DLA-X3 supports full high-definition 3D playback, the user will only be able to use this feature if they purchase the optional 3D emitter (PK-EM1) as well as 3D glasses (PKAG1).

Video quality
Even leaving out the3D function for a moment, the DLA-X3 is a great projector with excellent features at a good price. In terms of noise the DLA-X3 is a relatively silent projector with noise output of between 26 to 31 decibels. The projection distance is between 1 to 12 meters and can project images up to 300 inches diagonally although the best quality is achieved at around 100 inches or less. JVC themselves recommend 90 inches diagonal. The video quality of projected images is good although not as bright as a few other projectors in the market and for 3D viewing a screen with gain larger than 1.0 is necessary. Overall though the video quality for projected image output from the system is still great with the black levels and contrast ratio than negate the minor inaccuracies in colors to produce images that are quite frankly stunning.


Pros and Cons

One of the best parts about this projector is the 20,000 hour lifespan of the LEDs and the fact that the image quality will always remain the same. You might use this system 10 years from now and it will still perform exceptionally with no signs of getting tired. The 3 year warranty is also a plus, even though problems are unlikely to appear.

The size and weight of this projector might be a problem to some people who would like a more mobile unit, but most units of this type are designed for cinema rooms where the position of the system never changes.

Thus to sum it up the JVC DLA-X3 Home Theater Projector is an excellent projector from JVC with great 2D picture output and excellent black rendering. The projector is quiet and is cheap for a full HD 3D projector although you will have to purchase extra accessories to utilize the 3d mode. The screen brightness could be improved but overall this projector is recommended.

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