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The new Mitsubishi HC4000 is the successor to the previous award winning Mitsubishi HC3800. The HC4000 was launched late in 2010 and is a serious upgrade from the older HC3800. That’s saying a lot as the previous model was an award winner in various electronics magazines and reviews. The pricing of Mitsubishi’s new projector is within the low cost bracket and for its price Mitsubishi must be applauded for giving buyers such a bang for their buck. Read on to find out more.

Nothing much can be said about the design, it follows standard projector dimensions (345(W) x 129(H) x 270(D) mm) and is available only in black. The unit is rather hefty at 3.6 kg’s and the unit uses AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60Hz power supply. External design aside, it is what is inside that counts when it comes down to it. In fact most users would be thankful if more manufacturers concentrated on the internal features of their products and not merely the external aspects.


The HC4000 comes with a spanking new short throw zoom lens which gives excellent   focusing  at a magnification of1.5x , this is true even for high definition pictures This puts the new offering from Mitsubishi Electronics one step ahead of the rest of the competition for projectors in the same price bracket, in fact the HC4000 is one of the few DLP projectors that are providing more than a bare 1.2:1 zoom lenses. Thus users are able to place the unit with greater flexibility This puts the new HC4000 almost on par in terms of performance with 3LCD projectors minus the higher price. However it must me mentioned here that the HC4000 still falls short in terms of the lack of an adjustable lens shift, meaning to say it isn’t possible to rear mount the unit. However thanks to the availability of the longer zoom range adjusting the mounting in reasonably sized rooms is still a breeze.

Regarding the zoom lens, is the HC4000 lens is also compatible with an anamorphic lens. The HC4000 projector possesses dual anamorphic modes, the first mode is meant to work with the lens for Cinemascope movies, and the second mode, is for universal viewing without the hassle of taking off the anamorphic lens, this does away with need for using a motorized sled. Also the 4-cluster, 13-piece all glass lens makes sure picture clarity and sharpness is retained even to the screen edge. The HC4000 has a relatively quiet fan with noise levels between 20-25 db which won’t be a bother even with speaker volume turned down.

The HC4000 has a six segment color wheel that is controlled automatically via the built in color management function which can also be manually adjusted by the user. The DDP3021 driver built in to the projector is a 10 bit driver 4 times more powerful than the standard 8 bit models.

Setting up the Optoma PT100 Personal Entertainment Projector
Setting up the HC4000 projector is an easy process. The default settings are quite good and only a few tweaks to suit each user is needed. Connections are all on the back panel of the unit and include connection ports for all the usual HDMI and sound connections. Control buttons are placed on the top back portion of the projector main unit with a remote control being supplied as standard. After placing the projector and connecting all the necessary cables the unit is ready to be used.


Video Quality
The first thing you notice when using the HC4000 is its phenomenal brightness (1300 ANSI lumens to be exact), Thanks to the new state-of-the-art DLP Dark Chip 3, which uses a freshly designed digital micro mirror device (DMD) this consists of densely incorporated micro mirrors which not only improves the aperture ratio of the chip increasing picture quality but also reflection from light diffusion that boosts the contrast ratio for clearer black and whites as well as colors. The Mitsubishi HC4000 is definitely a high definition projector and comes with a native resolution of 1080P (1920 x 1080 pixel) resolution, like With this array of  new visual technologies the HC4000 is more than equipped to project movies on screens as large as 300”.

Pros and Cons
First the pros, the output from the projector is very good with excellent color accuracy especially in “ best” mode , also for a projector in the low cost range without dynamic iris the black levels are still good and the images projected are sharp and bright even for daytime viewing. The lamp is another plus for the HC4000 as it lasts up to 5000 hours and can be swapped without the need to dismount the unit. Other plusses include the support for anamorphic lens add on and of course the low price.

Now for the cons, the black levels produced by this projector though acceptable and better than most other DLP projectors are not a match for 3 LCD projectors, the noise is also acceptable for a DLP  projector though somewhat noisier than the normal home theater projector, the remote and design of the unit look dated and also the lack of lens shift make rear shelf mounting almost impossible

If you are on a tight budget but really have to own a projector than the Mitsubishi HC4000 is definitely the way to go, as it is probably the best low cost DLP projector available in today’s market. However if you have spare cash and are particular about the design aspect as well as the sound and picture definition then you should opt for a higher end model projector. All in all the Mitsubishi HC4000 is definitely great value for money.

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