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Projectors these days are aimed at giving the buyers 3D images and there is a long list of projectors that can do that now. However, not many give you both great 2D and 3D images in one go. In our hands, we have the Mitsubishi HD9000D 3D projector that might just be able to hit the sweet spot and give us the best of both worlds. It gives us 3D images in the form of active shutter technology and at the same time it does a great job in giving us some amazing 1080p pictures that actually puts it as one of the best 1080p home theater projectors out there. Let’s dive deeper into this projector to see if it’s going to be the one for you.

First and foremost, we think this projector sports some good looks with its shiny black piano finish together with the sculpted lines on its body. Albeit being rather large, we still like how it looks and the Mitsubishi HD9000D also sports a large centered zoom lens that has a silver trim ring to add some class. On the front is also the infra-red sensor for the remote control as well as a filter drawer that slides out with ease. You will also find the control panel on the top of the projector. It has two indicator lamps and has its arrow keys arranged in a circular configuration while in the middle of that sits two semi-circular buttons. The remote control this 3D projector is supplied with isn’t one of our favorites as the back light is dim plus it seems like Mitsubishi has had this design for really long now. Nevertheless, it still does the job when asked, so it is still acceptable.

If you are looking at the projector from the front, then all your connectors can be found on the right and it boasts the usual set of connectors. For instance it has a couple of HDMI inputs, an analog computer input which can also double as a component video input plus the three color coded RCA jacks for component video as well. Other than that, the obligatory S-video and composite video inputs are also there. RS232 for controlling the projector from your laptop is also available. We also find not one, but two 12 volt triggers on the Mitsubishi HD9000D. Something new though is the DIN connector for a 3D sync emitter which you would have to buy on your own as Mitsubishi doesn’t provide one of those emitters. We liked that there is an optional screw receptacle for the HDMI connectors so you won’t be putting too much strain on your cable’s connectors.


One of the features we liked about the Mitsubishi HD9000D is the variable iris option. This option can be set to either manual or automatic based on your liking. What this does is that it gives you the option of decreasing your light output to go down by up to 90% so you get the exact amount of lighting you are looking for from your projector.

The other obvious feature on the Mitsubishi HD9000D is the 3D technology and it is done using the active shutter glass method. Let’s not go into the details behind the technology as by now you must have heard about it a million times. It is sad though that Mitsubishi doesn’t give you active shutter glasses when you buy this projector. This is surprising as most of its rivals provide two pair of active shutter glasses with their projectors.

This 3D projector also support CFI Smooth Motion technology and it is something you see on high end projectors these days. Mitsubishi has its own ways of implementing the creative frame interpolation technology and it calls them by different names like True Film and True Video.

Setting up the Mitsubishi HD9000D 3D Projector
When you set up the Mitsubishi HD9000D you are going to have little trouble as it comes with a long zoom range plus extensive lens shift and to make things better for you, it also has powered lens adjustments. The 1.8:1 zoom lens gives you a good range for the image size while the vertical lens shift will let you to mount you projector to the ceiling without the use of an extension tube. So once you have this 3D projector all fixed up and ready to go, you move on to the menus and start making all the necessary tweaks. The good news is, Mitsubishi has come up with a new lay out for their menus and that is refreshing given that the previous menu has been around for far too long. There is a Picture menu in the Mitsubishi HD9000D where you can change stuff like brightness and color temperature among others. There is also a section where you can adjust the Keystone correction which we don’t recommend for any projector due to the possible loss in image quality from doing so. Another menu is alos made available for all your 3D needs as you can choose between Auto, Frame Packing, Side by Side, Top and Bottom and of course not forgetting 2D!


Video Quality
This 3D projector is the first LCOS machine from Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi has pulled it off without any issues. The Mistubishi HD9000D gives natural images that are also clear of any kind of noise. It is also amazing how the images feel so film like and the images are also so sharp and give great amounts of detail. The projector also has some good shadow detail and it doesn’t have any problems moving from dark scenes to bright scenes or vice versa. Even in 2D, this projector gives such a dynamic range that you get a feeling that you are already in 3D.  It is an amazing performance with from this projector with clear and images that have high contrast and it reminds us of Optoma HD8600 which is one of the best projectors ever.

So moving on to 3D performance, this projector does great again. The glasses do a good job and wearing it does not affect color in any way although if you look really close you might see a slight green tint. To overcome this however, the Mitsubishi HD9000D has a built in 3D mode especially to fix this problem. Black levels are again amazing just like they were in 2D. Sadly though, there is still some crosstalk when you are viewing 3D pictures in high contrast scenes.

Pros and Cons
This 3D projector does amazing in giving us some great video quality as it has excellent color and an amazingly good black level. We also loved the fact that the Mitsubishi HD9000D has the CFI technology. This projector is also not as noisy as other projectors. We also liked the new menu layout introduced by Mitsubishi.

The remote control was a downer. The Mitsubishi HD9000D is maybe just not bright enough especially when you are trying to get the most out of 3D pictures.


Mitsubishi definitely has upped the competition in the 3D capable projector category with the Mitsubishi HD9000D 3D projector. So for a price of about $6000, it is going to be one bargain for the specs it has to offer.

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