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The Sharp XV-Z17000 3D DLP projector was first announced to the world some time ago last year but since then we didn’t hear anything about it until now. We liked what the projector had to offer in terms of specs and we were glad the wait was over. It’s not cheap at $4999 but when you think about it, it’s quite a way cheaper than the other 1080p 3D projectors we have seen previously. There’s nothing new about 2D viewing on the Sharp XV-Z17000 but its 3D is very smooth and the images we got from it were quite impressive. Read on this projector review to find out if it impresses you as well.

The 3D DLP projector measures in at 115 x 400 x 348 mm and that’s just about as big as it should get for a 3D projector. Any larger and we would have to think about where we would find the space to put it. The Sharp XV-Z17000 isn’t the prettiest projector you will find as you cannot get over its bland rectangular brick design even though it has a nice glossy and black finish to it. Tipping the scales at 5.8kg it is actually one of the lighter 3D projectors when you compare it with the JVC X3 and the Sony HW30ES. This gives it a rather fragile feel that you don’t really want. The lens is also quite small and it is fitted in a lens ‘tube’ that might break at any time.

On the back of this projector you will find the array of connection options that it provides. Your room control system or computer can be connected to the projector via the RS232 port. Moving on, we see the RCA jacks for your component video input. There is also a standard HD15 computer display connector for your computer input but at the same time doubles as a second component video input.  We also have two HDMI inputs as well as the S-video and composite video inputs. Weirdly though, there is 12 volts screen trigger for the projector to automatically raise or lower the screen when it’s turned off and on. The remote control lacks one of the most important features that are back lights for your keys. This coupled with the buttons that look very similar to each other makes it a tedious task to find a key correctly the first time in the dark. Nevertheless, it is a well laid out remote control and you find all the controls you would need plus another two, one for bringing up the 3D menu and another to turn on the 3D mode.

So this is a projector that gives you full 1080p 3D projection and that is actually quite new for home theater projectors. The Sharp XV-Z17000 is capable of accepting Frame Sequential, Frame Packing and also Side-by-Side 3D to cover all the standard 3D signals out there. So at $4999, this must be one of the few projectors that are truly 3D ready.

Sharp claims that it can provide up to 1600 lumens of brightness with this projector which is a rather good number in our opinion. However what we really want to see is the projector’s ability to adjust its lumen to fit your installation. We liked what this 3D DLP projector was capable of doing as the Dynamic mode (brightest mode) produces 1230 lumens of brightness and this can fight off any ambient light in the room. Natural mode which gives us about 1000 lumens will do you good when there’s little light to interfere with your viewing pleasure plus this mode improves color balance and contrast.

Setting up the Sharp XV-Z17000 3D DLP Projector
You get all the things you are going to need right out of the box as Sharp throws in a couple of 3D glasses together with batteries plus some accessories like nose pieces and retention straps. So if you have a Blu-ray 3D player at home already, you are going to need nothing else to run this baby. Just plug in the necessary connections and you are almost there. The 3D home projector has its set up menus that you can use, and they are not the best you will find but gets the job done nevertheless. The menus on the Sharp XV-Z17000 feels a bit crammed as it is placed in a small area of the screen. However there is much stuff to play around with. For instance, we have two iris adjustments, a list of noise reduction filters and color management features for both primary and secondary colors. There is no optical image shifting however and that is a disappointment as they leave you to keystone adjustments. It’s true they have added Sphere and Rotation adjustments to the keystone options, but that’s still not going to do anything to solve the digital distortion that you are going to face.

Video Quality
When viewing videos in 3D with the Sharp XV-Z17000 there was absolutely no crosstalk. It is amazing how we failed to notice even the slightest bit of halo effect and dark shadow effects. So at this price, there’s definitely no match for the 3D video quality this baby gives. So no crosstalk means you are going to enjoy your 3D viewing much more as you can now almost feel the depth that the 3D pictures provide. We also liked how the images were of high detail and sharpness. The glasses provided by Sharp are also top notch as there was no flicker. Although there were color tones that were a little off, like green for instance but when you look at the color performance as a whole, this is a minor issue as you get bright and amazing 3D images. Another issue we realized would be the presence of judder albeit not much, whenever there is fast motion.

Pros and Cons
The Sharp XV-Z17000 3D DLP Projector provides great 2D and 3D images that are extremely detailed too. It is amazing how a projector that’s only $5000 can give you 3D images that have no crosstalk or flicker. Also, we like the glasses as they do their job well and are also comfortable to wear.

There was still some judder when in 3D mode and the noise levels are a little high when you are in 3D mode.

Your options in 3D projectors in the affordable price region are getting more and more now that you have the Sharp XV-Z17000 to go with JVC’s X3 and Sony’s HW30ES. The Sharp XV-Z17000 provides amazingly detailed 3D images that have no crosstalk, and there’s nothing more you can ask for.

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